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Aloha, welcome to a Maui Web Designer three column fluid design layout template. It has been tested for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera compatibility. A fluid web design allows for the relative expandability of the page design layout. To see what I mean resize your browser window. You should see the content resize as well. What is HTML? "HyperText Markup Language". HTML was first created by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world-wide-web. It simply describes a website's page content and its structural layout.

Web Site Design Story

Website pages are described with a markup coding language called HTML. This provides the content layout and structure of the web pages. It also defines where images and other elements should be placed. Contact Maui Website Designer about a Website Design or Web Template Development.

Many Maui web designers overlook color design style when designing a website. Color should be one of your main concerns when it comes to your web site design development. If you don't pay close attention to the colors you chose, your site you will end up either to plain and boring or hard to look at. The coloring that you use should only be chosen only after careful consideration of you web design project.

Maui Web Designer Development

This website design was built in Maui, Hawaii and is using valid XHTML (transitional) and CSS.