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Layer Flash Under HTML

Flash and Positioning XHTML Div Layers Is there a way to have a flash movie play below another layer like an html text heading or div tag? Answer: Yes, this is actually fairly simple but is a several part process depending on how may different items you would like to position above the flash element. 1. First you must add… Read more →

Windows Vista Tips & Tricks

Essential Windows Vista Tips & Tricks (1)  For Windows Vista Virus Protection I highly recommended the software application by Grisoft AVG Free Edition, which is a free anti virus program that works well on the new Windows Vista Operating System. Another user recommended option for complete Windows Vista virus protection is Avast Home Edition, which is also free for personal… Read more →

Install Windows Vista Server

Install A Windows Vista Server IIS 7.0 is a commonly used internet web server and is included with Windows Vista, however, when you first install Vista the IIS 7 Web Server is not installed or turned on by default. The new IIS7 is the merging of ASP.NET and IIS web technologies. ASP.NET is already implemented as an ISAPI extension for… Read more →

Maui Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce and Web Design Services Maui Ecommerce web development and marketing strategies. Aloha Tech Hawaii has the ecommerce web design experience to help companies both large and small, develop an effective e-commerce strategy and build a profitable online business. Learn more about Maui ecommerce. Complete Ecommerce solutions. We continually stay up to date with the latest developments in eCommerce design… Read more →

Maui Ecommerce Services

Full Maui, Hawaii Ecommerce Web Site Design Service There are a couple of steps involved to any online ecommerce transaction. 1. The information is received by a payment gateway to approve the sale. 2. The payment gateway verifies the credit card and deducts the funds for the given transaction. 3. It then transfers the funds to your merchant account provider… Read more →