Create A Partition With Windows Vista

Create a New Partition in Windows Vista

Windows Vista makes it very simple to create a second partition on your hard drive with easy to use and free built in tools.

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First you will need to free up some space in the hard drive that you would like the partition to be on. If you feel unsure about how to do this, please refer to my earlier post that covers how to free up space on a hard drive without data loss in Windows Vista.

Lets create a partition with Windows Vista. Right click on the My Computer icon and select Manage then Disk Management.

Find the drive that you have freed up some space on and right click on the free space and select New Simple Volume.

Create New Volume in Vista

In the next wizard box choose the size of the partition. Set it to match the amount of space that you have free or less and then click next.

Choose Partition Size

Now select the Drive Letter that you would like the new partition to be called and then next.

Select Drive Partition Letter

Format your partition as an NTFS file system and select quick format. Here you can also give it it a unique Volume Label if you want then select next.

Format Partition in Windows Vista

The partition is formatted and all that left to do is to click finish.

You now have a newly created NTFS Logical partition ready for use. Great Job!

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