Microsoft’s New Flag-Ship Windows Vista

With the release of Microsoft’s New Operating System Windows Vista out to replace it’s predecessor Xp I though I would take this opportunity to talk about some of its new nifty features.

With improved security and an updated internet stack naturally I was interested to see how it performed on the web. The result Vista is defiantly faster than Xp is and that’s comparing two fresh installs to each other back to back. Vista was hands down the quicker of the two when it came to page load times and over all browsing performance.

Here is a very handy list of 10 tips and tricks for the new and improved Microsoft Vista that could help any user do what they want with new Windows by Ed Bott.

One of particular interest, is the New Screen Capture Snipping Tool which gives you the ability to capture any screen-shot on the fly. A built in tool that has been long over due to be sure. This excellent tool will help you grab any image from your computer screen and save it in various file formats. For example, a Maui, Hawaii web design sample shot for a client.

Stay tuned for more computer tips & tricks for Windows Vista and more.

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