Windows Vista Tips & Tricks

Essential Windows Vista Tips & Tricks
Essential Windows Tips and Tricks

(1)  For Windows Vista Virus Protection I highly recommended the software application by Grisoft AVG Free Edition, which is a free anti virus program that works well on the new Windows Vista Operating System. Another user recommended option for complete Windows Vista virus protection is Avast Home Edition, which is also free for personal use. Both are definitely worth checking out if your looking around for a Free Windows Vista Compatible Anti-Virus Solution.

(2)  Scroll open windows with Windows Flip 3D. By pressing WINDOW+TAB on your keyboard you activate the Windows Flip 3D feature. Once the flip 3D window is open you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the scroll button on your mouse to easily scroll the 3D windows display.

(3)  Increase your hard drive performance with Windows Vista. First right click on the My Computer, then properties and find Device Manager. Now look for and expand the Disk Drives option form the list. Right click on your hard drive that is listed there and then select Properties. Find the Policies tab and Enable Advanced Performance. Finally select OK and close Device Manager. (note: A Battery Backup is recommended due to increased risk of data loss.)

(4)  With Windows Vista, you can add different system clocks to your desktop tray. First click the clock, and then on Date and Time Settings. Click the Additional Clocks tab menu. Here you can add one or two additional clocks to the desktop tray as well as select their custom time zone settings.

(5) Speed up Windows Vista start up time. First open your Start Menu and now find and open Windows Defender. Click on the Tools option menu found on the top menu bar and find and select Software Explorer. Now click on Show for All Users. From here you can select any application to either Remove or Disable it from starting with Windows Vista. By decreasing the load on windows vista you will see a noticeable difference in performance.