Slideshow Pro Flash Gallery for Movable Type

How to add a Slideshow Pro Flash Gallery to Movable Type

Step one includes creating your slide show flash gallery as usual. There are many ways of doing this and any flash image gallery can be used with Movable Type. After creating your flash image gallery, upload your flash gallery folder and all its files to your Movable Type output directory via ftp. Preferably not into your main MT static directory.

Step two involves creating a Movable Type blog entry as you normally would and embedding your flash gallery or swf file. It is easiest to use absolute url paths for the flash image gallery files that you want to add to your movable type entry. We are also going to add the transparent parameter so that the flash gallery will blend seamlessly into your Movable type blog.


Step three which is shown in the above code is the only real secret for adding a slide show pro xml flash gallery to Movable type. Simply add base=”.” to the end of your regular flash gallery embed code. This will tell the flash player that all relative links should remain relative to where the swf or flash file is located.

Congratulations you have added a Slideshow Pro flash image gallery to your Movable Type blog post entry.