Best SEO Secret Tips

Best Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips

Search Engine SEO

1 – Valid XHTML Code – Use Valid xhtml. Search engines prefer tidy houses. Use a markup validation service to ensure that your web pages comply with the latest W3C standards. Ideally, you should also consider using CSS style sheets to set up your web site design to cut down on the code vs. content ratio.

2 – Meta Tags – Two parts of the meta tag deserve particular attention – the description meta tag and the title. The description meta tag is the information that users will see in the search engine results.

Your main keyword should be the very first thing you put inside the title tag. Secondary keywords should follow. You should avoid using all capital letters. <title>Insert title content here</title>

3 – Keywords Throughout Page Content – After you have carefully selected your keywords and keyword phrases you should be using them throughout the text on your pages. It is important for your main keywords to have the correct keyword density to rank well in Search Engines. The recommended keyword density is from 3% – 7%, anything above 10% looks allot like keyword stuffing. You should check keyword density after each text change.

4 – Keywords in Image Alt Tags – It is important to include your keywords in these tags, however not just a spam type listing of all of all your keywords. Be as creative as possible here.

5 – Use Heading Tags and Bold Text – Instead of just making a-bit of text bold and bigger use the <H1> and <H2> tags which get special attention from the search engines. Keyword specific bold text and bulleted list items are also favored by the search engines.

6 – Use Internal Anchor Text Links – Search engine spiders still love links. Linking throughout your site with descriptive text allows search engines spiders to find and ultimately index your site easily.

7 – Use an XML Site Map – Search engines love site maps! Create an xml site map to help search engines crawl your web site. Make sure you don’t have any broken links.

8 – Write Content for Humans, Not Just Search Engines – You will find that you do better with search engines if your text reads naturally and is written for human eyes.