Google Keyword Optimization

Google Tips on Keyword Optimization

Are Keywords a relic of the past?

Google sure doesn’t seem to think so. Google search engine marketing and Google SEO keyword optimization is the key to getting your website found on the internet. Today I’d like to take a look at something that all web design developers and even website owners themselves should be thinking about, Google Search Optimization and keywords.

Google Keyword OptimizationKeywords put simply are a list of words used to reveal your site in major search engines when a person types in a particular phrase or set of words. The goal here is that hopefully your website will be deemed relevant enough to come up under the keywords that you would like.

Google actually has an excellent Keyword Optimization Lesson on the very subject. Keyword Optimization for Google. This portion of Google’s vast optimization resources area is geared for ad-words users but I think you’ll find the information contained in many of the keyword optimization lessons to be universal in nature.

Some of my personal favorites are keyword optimization video tutorials, including: Videos on how Keyword Relevancy is Determined by Google and basics on Optimizing Google Keywords for your own website.

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