Photo Gallery From Image Folder

Create a Photo Gallery from a folder of images and pictures

Photo Gallery from a folder of images Folder Gallery

This script will allow you to simply drop image folders in a gallery directory to create new galleries. Folder Gallery boasts the ability to, define the amount of images per page, define thumbnail sizes, embed video files by simply dropping them in the folder, and customize the look by using standard css. You can also check out Quick Gallery for simplified use.

image from folder gallery

FREE Flash Gallery
Flash Image Gallery
A Free flash image gallery that allows you to create a slideshow on your website from a folder of images. Easy installation, automatic slide show generation, customizable design and other cool features like support for a Flickr photostream.

thumbnails are auto generated from your image folder

Ajax slide-show
Although this album is not generated online, the images and picture info is read from an xml file, while the photo thumbnails are auto generated from your image folder using Photoshop actions that are included in the source. All thats left for you to do once it's done is upload it to your server.

This photo gallery is an ajax based image gallery where you can drag the photo using your mouse, or simply click anywhere in the stack to quickly jump there. Click inside the frame in order to enable mouse wheel and arrow key navigation! View the fullscreen example.

Auto Folder Gallery

Auto Flash Gallery. Although this is a paid gallery it is still note worthy.

This is one of the easiest flash image galleries available. Simply upload your full size images to a folder and they will appear in the gallery.

Photo Image Gallery Folder
A simple PHP script for automatically creating a picture gallery from a folder of images. This photo album will automatically list all the images in your directory, and on the fly creates thumbnails and displays them into a simple table. Just put your images in a folder and you are good to go.


Flash MP3 Player is a Free application that allows you to play music on your website. Includes easy installation and automatic playlist generation from a folder of music.

Image slideshow from a single directory using jQuery. Script for automatically creating a picture image gallery from a folder. Just upload Photo Gallery Script to a directory with pictures. View Demo:

Simple and FREE, where you can create an Image Gallery from a folder of pictures.
PHP to create an image gallery from a folder. Download

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